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Random Side Projects Part Deux

These last few weeks have become an unplanned break from my blog. The holiday season has been full of exciting announcements, travel, and sweet times with friends and family. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping busy!

For Christmas, my sister wanted to surprise her little girls by doing a super darling makeover of their room! She had bought this tree wall decal, so my job was to spruce it up with paper flowers to give it color and texture.

Check out this post to see the rest of the room 🙂

On holiday days (holi-days? holidays?) my local goodwill sells all their apparel for 50% off! So I snagged a bunch of stuff, including this groooovy shirt, and did some easy refashioning by bringing the sides in and shortening the sleeves.

Before and after!

linky link!

My brother's small group bought a niiice (Pitt-Minion) Bible for one of its members, so I made a cover for it as a birthday gift! This little sucker took me four tries, but NOW I know what I'm doing.

Before and after!

Details: elastic closure with button, fabric faux spine, inside pockets to hold index cards, ribbon book mark

While making a couple of baby headbands for a friend's friend, I was reminded of my first love: felt flowers. (Sigh) ❤ ❤

And finally, new year = a new Bible reading plan. My family has loosely been doing it together thus far. We randomly text one another with the verse from that day that stood out to us. Little sweet blessings from a heavenly Father that I pray I don't take for granted.

Check out the plan here

This past Christmas also marked my one year anniversary with my dear sewing machine. As I look back at this past year and remember the frustration, tears (YES literal tears my friends), excitement, and JOY of learning how to sew, I am delighted and dismayed at what I have done. I feel I have come a long way, but there are still so many things I do not know how to do! So, here are my new year sewing….goals. heh.

1. make a piece of clothing from SCRATCH (no refashion)

2. learn how to use a pattern (so scary)

3. be more “legit” with techniques -__-

4. make other stuff (hats, shoes?)

5. learn how to sew tricky fabrics, like chiffon (scary)

6. learn how to hem pants legitimately

and most importantly…

7. be like Tabitha. Use gifts for the building up of the body of Christ, and not for selfish gain.

Keep me accountable friends!


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