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Muumuu Delight

I found this muumuu (sleeping gown?? nightie?) for $5 at goodwill. It features fabric to the floor, a zipper in the back, and short little girl sleeves. I was drawn to it immediately because of...

...this amazing bib! The prospect of making this thing wearable in public was making me all sorts of excited.

So first, the length had to be DEALT with. I chopped it to tunic length (mid thigh)

...and brought in the sides and trimmed the excess.

Next, I knew I would want a sash/tie thingy, so I chopped a foot wide piece from the skirt, opened it up (to be a looong strip). I folded the strip length wise and sewed it shut with pointy ends (ala my obi belt ties). When I turned it inside out, it became...

...a nice wide sash!

Now for the most daunting part. I knew I NEEDED to add length to the sleeves to carry the piece out of baby-girl land, so I picked open the hem on the sleeves and measured around.

I cut two rectangles that equaled the circumference of the sleeve so that...

...when folded in half, it could easily be attached to the existing sleeve and add length! Before I attached it though, I wanted to elasticize the arm opening.

MINI TUTORIAL ON ELASTIC: So first (upper left) I cut my elastic to the length and width I wanted. Second (upper right) I sewed the end of the elastic in place onto the edge of the wrong side of my fabric. After lining it up with the edge of the fabric (bottom left), I stretched the elastic out across the edge (bottom right), and pulled the fabric from behind the needle to help it feed along while sewing down the stretched elastic to the fabric.

Because the elastic is sewn on stretched, when it is let go, it looks like this! This would be a really easy way of ruffling, gathering, or ruching, in addition to generally elasticizing a waist or arm opening.

I rolled the edge over on more time to give it a more finished look (would an exposed elastic scream "BEGINNER!" to you?? I'm asking)

And the sleeve addition (implant? supplement?) was done!

I pinned it on to the open hem of the existing sleeve, right sides together, and sewed all the way around! Sewed everything shut, tapering off the arm hole a little. I think I was able to get away with lengthening the sleeves this way because the print would sort of hide whatever seam I'd put in, but I wouldn't recommend this method for a solid or a bigger print.

Last thing left to do was hemming! hemmm hawwww

That's it! A new, cheap, and unique piece for my wardrobe! Someone commented that it looks like it's from a different culture, which made me (inexplicably) really happy and pleased! The bib - success!

BEFORE and AFTER. Don't let anyone tell you you can't wear a bib in public. Have fun!

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