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Geometric Wood Block Curtain Tie Backs!

What a mouth full!

1. Start with cubes. These are about 3.5 inch wide/long/high. I cut them from some scrap post we had.

IMG_21582. Sand or cut all the corners off. Sanding will take forever, but if you cut with a saw, make sure the whole thing is stabilized before you make any cuts or else it may or may not fly out of your hand at 100 miles an hour and ricochet and kill you. Almost. IMG_2161

Cut generously and irregularly for a neato faceted look.

You COULD stop there but if you want to, you could also…

3. Tape off and paint any of the faces your favorite color(s)


Once you let dry and rip off the tape, you could use these little pretties as paper weights, or just decorative accents.


Once again, you COULD stop there. But honestly, the entire reason I wanted to make these was so I could do this….

4. Drill a 1/2 inch wide hole about a half inch deep into the center. It’s ideal to find a face to drill into that has a face parallel to it – that way you have one face flat on the ground, nice and stable, while on top you have a flat face to drive the drill bit into at a 90 degree angle.

IMG_21625. Buy industrial pipe flanges (for 1/2 inch pipes) and nipples (again, 1/2 inch. The one I got is 3.5 inches long). Screw them together.


You can spray paint these if you want!

6. Carefully “screw” on the wooden geode onto the pipe

IMG_22047. Position and screw into either side of a curtained window.

IMG_2209Geometric wooden block curtain tie backs!

I really loOOooOOoOve them, but I go back and forth between whether they are too big or not. Part of me likes how gimango they are because it’s a real accent on either side of the curtains and the feel playful/whimsical. But another part of me wonders whether it looks silly :/


What do you guys think? Big and dumb or playful and fun? 🙂


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