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Entryway Mail Holder

Apparently I got lost during the holidays. My last post was about approaching fall, and now… didn’t we just celebrate the first day of spring this past week? 🙂

I haven’t had much time to do anything “extra” these days. Life is full – a happy full! – so I don’t have much to show here. One of the few project I was able to do, though, was to make the perfect little mail holder. I searched high and low, everywhere I went, for something that would hold papers (outgoing mail, coupons, important receipts) on the wall of our entry way. I had really particular dimensions and a craving for something with personality, which was apparently too much to ask because I wasn’t finding anything. Finally I looked at a cardboard box we were throwing away and figured, “why not?”


So a cardboard box, a thrift store sheet, some clothesline and some left over yellow p0mpom trim turned into this funky little thing…


and after hanging a magnetized whiteboard tile above it, our entry way is a heck of a lot more functional 🙂



I have pics of the step by step…but it’s pretty self explanatory, no?

Hope everyone is basking in the goodness of God, manifested in perfect temperatures, happy blooms, and sun-shiny days.

20140310-151602.jpgoh yellow pom poms….you slay me!

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