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Pink Granny Dress

Anyone who knows me knows I like ugly things I have an unconventional aesthetic. “That’s really ugly/weird,” they say, “but somehow it suits you.”

So when I saw a pale pink, polyester dress with granny pleats past my knees, long sleeves with not one, but TWO sets of shoulder pads, and a neck hole that barely went over my head with a lace bib attached, I literally gasped in glee.



I LOVED the pleated skirt, the blouson quality of the top, and the vintage look of the fabric/print, and I knew all the things I didn’t like – the neck line and the sleeves – could easily be changed. Do you see the potential?!


I have to tell you, though, that lace bib is destined for greatness.

With scissors and seam ripper in hand, off came the lace bib, the sleeves, the 2 sets of shoulder pads

DSC_0665 (2)

I opened up the front and back of the neck hole, following the line of the existing interfacing as a guide. You could also use a shirt you already have as a guide to make sure the neck isn’t cut too big.

in z formation - finished arm holes, paper fabric and interfacing cut, interfacing ironed on to fabric, finished neck hole

in z formation – finished arm holes, paper fabric and interfacing cut, interfacing ironed on to fabric, finished neck hole

I finished the open arm holes by rolling over twice, pressing, and stitching in place. I decided to finish the neck with interfacing (my first time!) so I made a paper template for the front and back, used it to cut my fabric (I used the extra fabric from the sleeves) and the interfacing, and ironed the interfacing onto my fabric. I then lined it up with my neck hole, right sides together, sewed around the edge, then folded the interfaced piece so it was on the inside of the garment with the wrong sides together, pressed, and topstitched in place. It turned out well!


and I was DONE!

Starred Photos2

the deets

light, summery, pretty!

Starred Photos

Happy either way 🙂

Starred Photos1

before and after

The end!

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4 thoughts on “Pink Granny Dress

  1. Yayyyyy you’re back!

  2. so coooool!

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