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The Peplum.

This is a refashion I did soon after I found out I was pregnant. It was an awkward time when my clothes, especially the pencil skirts that I favor, were getting a little tighter but the pregnancy weight just looked like, well, fat.

With a wedding looming around the corner, I had nearly nothing in my closet that fit and I was really sad about it. I needed something that would hide my belly, but still have the silhouette that worked for me. I needed. The Peplum.

This “tutorial” is actually a copy of a legitimate tutorial by Sarah of “Welcome to the G00d Life“. Her Anthropologie inspired peplum skirt is the real deal!

DSC_0567I found this skirt at goodwill for a few dollars. I knew it was the perfect candidate because it was a medium weight fabric (not too hot, not too cold), the waist was juuust the right size, and it was about 4 inches too long (you’ll know why I thought that was good in a second!)


I marked where I wanted my new skirt to hit, and lopped off the bottom about a half inch below that mark (that half inch is needed to fold under twice and sew down as a new hem.) That piece I just cut off the bottom was about to become my new belly hiding peplum!

DSC_0572The 4 inch wide piece I cut off the bottom was a tube that had a raw top edge, a hemmed bottom edge, and two side seams. Basically, the idea is to take this tube and move it up to the waist to make the peplum. I cut the front of the tube (one layer of fabric – don’t cut through 2 layers of fabric!) straight up the middle, front and center, so that, if all unfurled, it would be a long strip instead of a tube. I then took the edges of the cut I had just made, and cut the bottom corners to round off into the bottom edge (the hemmed one). The last thing I did with my strip was gather the top (raw) edge to measure the same as the waist, but you could easily just pleat it (which is what Sarah did).

DSC_0571I didn’t want my peplum layer to show at all, so I carefully picked off the waistband with a seam ripper. I then positioned my new peplum on top of the skirt, making sure to match up the side seams.

DSC_0573I carefully sandwiched everything with the waistband again and secured everything with lots of pins (like, A LOT of pins!). After everything was sure not to budge, I carefully sewed the waistband back on.

DSC_0574The last step was to fold the raw edge on the bottom over twice and sew in place for a new hem. My skirt also had a lining, so I had to cut, fold, and re-hem that too 🙂

New folder1

done! I seriously love this skirt and wear it a LOT. I think it’s my most-used refashion to date! For that wedding, I wore The Peplum with another figure forgiving refashion – my elastic-in-the-back prisoner shirt.

New folder

before and after

🙂 fun!

P.S. clearly I’m crazy for peplums. you should be too.


A Lot Can Happen in a Year

Bloggy Dearest,

I’m sorry for neglecting you so.

But please do understand, because this year has been quite the whirlwind and I really have been unable to extract myself from it all to attend to you.

See the thing is, right after my last post, this happened

New folder7-001

and after that, we packed up and moved into our new place, which of course led to endless house projects

New folder8

I spy 7 DIYs….and those are only the ones I took pictures of

and THEN, we thought it would be a good idea to tackle this by ourselves

house stuff

was this a good idea? I still don’t know

Besides all that, we did some traveling and spent time with family and friends.

New folder9

graduation, oregon, tahoe, socal

But all of the above wasn’t even the crazy part. THIS was the crazy part


Needless to say, I stopped timing them because I had other things on my mind

and wham-bam-slice-of-ham! he was here 🙂

New folder10-001

and the thing is, he’s been here every day.

New folder6

So you see, I’ve been busy, bloggy blog. But now that things are starting to settle, I have so many things to update you with, my phone is going to run out of memory! 🙂 So I am planning on coming back with some good stuff soon, k?


– skwuns

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