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Take No Prisoner (Shirts)

I was inexplicably drawn to this white and blue striped shirt at Goodwill the other day, but didn't realize until I got home and tried it on that it looks like a prisoner uniform! I've tried to help you imagine what I looked like using my mad photoshop skillzzz. I needed a plan to make this shirt decidedly UN-prisoner-ly so....

FIRST I got my scissors out - I opened up the neckline, ripped off the sleeves, and brought in the sides in to be the width of my hips

SECOND I tried to make the top more fitted while also subtly breaking up the strip-iness of the shirt (I'm making up a lot of words today!). I measured and marked out four darts, pinned, and sewed them down!

Here's a close up! I was going to do this to the back too to fit my waist perfectly, but when I pinned the back darts, I found out I couldn't get it over my head! err....that won't do.

So THIRD, I tried to make the back more fitted by ruching with elastic. See how plain and square the back was? I cut a piece of elastic about an inch and a half long, and, after tacking it in the middle of the shirt, sewed it down while it was stretched out. When it's all sewn down, the elastic will naturally ruche the fabric when released!

Now the back looks like this! Three cheers for fit AND comfort AND being able to pull a shirt over your head! hurray hurrah huzzah!

The FOURTH and last stage - finishing the edges. I double rolled and hemmed up the bottom, neck hole, and arm holes. For the neck, I used this cheater technique that I'm kinda stoked about! I really wanted the look of bias tape, but totally did not want to put in the work, so after rolling toward me while the shirt was flipped inside out, I stitched as closely to the edge as a I could. I then flattened the seams open (while still inside out) and gave everything a good press.

It turned out like this! Looks like bias binding, right? heheheheh

and ta-da! Here is my new prison shirt turned spring tank. Now for the rain to stop and the sun to come out...

Before and after. Have fun!

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13 thoughts on “Take No Prisoner (Shirts)

  1. Alice Lee on said:

    very cute, esp with that belt!

  2. you must’ve learned your photoshop skills from arthur.

    also, you still look like a prisoner… but maybe that’s less of the shirt and more your conniving, convict-like face.

  3. Estera on said:

    you need a pair of yellow flats with that shirt.

  4. even after reading the step-by-step, the question remains burning in my mind:

  5. Sara! I didn’t know you blogged! Cool 🙂

  6. Hey Sara! Didn’t know you blogged, cool!

    • heehee hi mommylo!!! I do…or DID 😦 as you can see, I have been very negligent. I have a million unfinished projects floating around. Hopefully I’ll start back up soon!

  7. Really,i love your blog! ^^

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