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A Crisis and a Question

A veritable holiday crisis: wrapping presents at some crazy hour after midnight, and realizing you don't have that gift bag you urgently NEED! All you can find are empty cereal boxes! How many times have you wished your cereal box would magically turn into a gift bag?

Well wish no more! Simply trim one of those cereal boxes to the height you need...

...and wrap it in wrapping paper, glueing down each surface as you go. Leave about 6 inches of paper at the top (the opening).

After wrapping around the entire box and securing all edges with glue, snip the wrapping paper around the opening down to the four corners to make four flaps.

Fold each flap in half, then fold again to lie flat on the inside of the box. Glue down and repeat on all four sides!

Makes a niice neat opening 🙂

Don't forget to make the bottom nice and tidy!

Use a straight edge to carefully and cleanly to make side creases (side note: I would NOT recommend making it completely gift bag-gy by quashing the bottom rectangle flat against the front of the bag. I tried this and the paper wrinkled terribly waaah)

Hole punch and hole puch. Repeat on other side!

Thread ribbon through...

..and double knot, double knot!

Throw your present in and you're DONE! Crisis averted ha-HA!

Now for a random question: I've made my first baby head wrap. That white material is the super soft stretchy part that wraps around baby's head. Ok, my question is, would you let your baby wear this? Making accessories for babies makes me nervous because I feel like there is so much...at stake? Err...does that make sense?

Thanks for your input in advance. Happy wrapping and have fun everyone! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A Crisis and a Question

  1. Bethany Kim on said:

    i dont have a baby to answer your question, but I LOVE HONEY NUT CHEX. 🙂 and i like your box! 🙂


  3. It looks like it might be as big as the baby’s head? Other than that, it’s cute.

  4. THANK YOU friends!
    haha Bess, I really love honey nut chex too.
    Reena, when you have a baby, ask me to make a headband! even if it’s a boy!
    and stera, I got a bit carried away, so I actually scaled it down a little!
    🙂 Thanks thanks

  5. Minh-Trang on said:

    Oh my gosh, you’re so talented…..I just found your blog and I was like O_O, except with my mouth open in awe.

    I didn’t realize I knew a master of such creativity…and cuteness…

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