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Ombre Glitter Shoes

MATERIALS: old shoes, newspaper, modpodge, two shades of glitter, foam brush, plastic knife/spoon, paper plate. NOT PICTURED: tape OPTIONAL: coordinating ribbon, hot glue

PART 1: RAZZLE-DAZZLE! Start by taping off the soles of the shoes. I used scotch tape, but I would recommend painter's tape b/c the scotch tape did NOT come off easily, y'all 😦

Precautionary, but not necessary: stuff with newspaper to keep yourself from getting glitter in the shoe

Take the color that you want at the back of your shoe, and mix it with mod podge in a 50/50 ratio. I only needed a little bit of mod podge, like a small spoonful. Start with just a little bit of mod podge, and add more as you need it (a little goes a long way, though!)

The magic is beginning!!! If you do it this way, instead of applying glue and shaking the glitter on, you will leave a LOT less glitter trailing behind you. The glitter stays put wayy better this way (I found out the hard way)

Dab dab dab. Lay it on THICK or else you'll have bare patches, and it's a pain to do touch ups.

Razzledazzle phase 1

Mix in a little of the other color, so the color ratio is like 2 (color 1) : 1 (color 2). Dab that on and...

Razzledazzle phase 2. Mix in more and more of color 2 with the mod podge, dabbing it on in phases until your shoe is done!

Razzledazzle phase 3

Razzledazzle DONE! Notice how there is no glitter mess? Mixing it with the glue is so much cleaner/more efficient

After it's dry, peel off the tape from the soles (carefully!)

And that's it! You have a new pair of sparkle shoes! I really LOVE the ombre effect.

PART 2: EMBELLISHMENTS. Call me crazy, but even after covering my flats in not one, but TWO shades of GLITTER, I STILL thought they were too plain! So out comes the ribbon. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon, about 8 inches? Snip the edges

Crease them at the middle, and crease both ends at about 1.5 inches (?) I'm going to call them the "middle crease" and the "side crease"

Squeeze a *little* bit of hot glue over the middle crease. Bring one of the side creases over to meet the middle crease and pinch to glue (watch your fingers!) See how the snipped edge is peeking out? You want that...if it doesn't peek out, try to re-crease to ensure that it does

Repeat with the other side...

...and when you turn it over, it'll look like this!

Cut another piece of ribbon, about this big

Fold in half lengthwise, and glue one end to the middle of the back of the bow (where the folds are)

Wrap around...

...and glue in the back!

Cuties! Apply a liberal amount of hot glue to the backs of these and stick them onto your shoes!

and they're DONE! 😀

I've heard you can spray them with hairspray to further ensure that they don't leave a trail of glitter behind you. But make sure you stuff your shoes with newspaper, so you don't get hairspray inside your shoes!

The colors are a lot more saturated in person, but can you see the ombre?

Do a happy glitter dance and enjoy! 🙂

More sparkly feet here and here!

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4 thoughts on “Ombre Glitter Shoes

  1. Hannah W. on said:

    Yay glitter! 😀

  2. you’re crazy! and i LOOOVE MODGPODGE. U can use cloth too to revamp a flat

  3. Those are AMAZING!

  4. thanks friends! 🙂

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