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Christmas Dinner Capelet

MATERIALS NEEDED: Fabric (enough to make a 2 ft by 2 ft square), coordinating fabric for a collar, scissors, sewing skillz (either by hand or machine)

PART 1: MAKE A SQUARE. So I got this skirt for free when I picked up that peplum-dress dress 🙂 but since my waist is NOT the size of a remote control, I decided to repurpose it into a little capelet! Of course, you don't have to get a square of fabric from a skirt; you could just go buy some fabric (more than 1/4 yard, less than a 1/2?) I would recommend doing this with a fabric that doesn't fray so that you don't have to finish the edges

I cut it straight down the middle...

...and snipped off the elastic waistband. I ended up with a rectangle of fabric, which I then cut in half, laying the pieces side by side...

...to make a square 🙂 If you trim the sides (like I did) to make it more square-ish, make sure to save the strips, b/c you will use them later. (Ignore those curved corners. and the beanbag.) PART ONE: DONE!

PART TWO: MAKE A COLLAR I measured around my neck and then grabbed a scrap sleeve from some shirt (made of jersey) and cut it into a ring, where the inner circle was the circumference of my neck. ALTERNATIVELY (and more easily) you could grab an old t-shirt you don't wear, and cut off the neck hole 🙂 You should try to keep it as 1 piece - mine is in 2 b/c I didn't have enough fabric

Assuming your collar is a ring, make one cut into the center, and round the edges of the cut like so. (It looks like my mom's hairdo. heehee!) and hey - PART TWO is DONE! 😀

PART THREE: PUT IT ALL TOGETHER Lay your cute peter pan collar directly over the center of your fabric square. Mark the placement of the inner ring and...

...hollow it out!

At this point, your square is still a square, but it has to become a circle! so cut those corners off to make it a perfect circle..

...or...not so perfect...oval. 🙂 Sew all the pieces together, making sure to leave a front opening. No pics of this next step, but see the opening? Clip those corners to mimic the curved edges of the peter pan collar (see finished product pic for visual - 😦 sorry). Almost done!

PART FOUR: PUSSY BOW Gosh - a capelet with a peter pan collar and a pussy bow?!? TRIFECTA OF CUTENESS! You could easily grab some ribbon and skip making the bow ties yourself, but if you'd like to, grab those left over strips of fabric from earlier and sew them into two long..err..tubes. Make sure to sew them right sides together, and then flip inside out, because... 😦

...when the tube's flipped inside out it should look like this (no visible raw edges).

NOT this (fat visible seam in middle). 😦 😦 ANYWAY.

Fold the tube's end onto itself twice and sew it to the capelet right under the collar, on the inside of the capelet. Make sure to fold the edge UNDER and then sew, like this.

Do NOT fold it OVER and then sew. 😦 😦 fail. But hey - swing it over your shoulders, tie the bow, and....

...voila! 🙂 Seriously EASY right?! It's just TWO CIRCLES sewn onto one another with a HOLE IN THE MIDDLE and two string things to tie it shut!

And that's it! I'm off to an imaginary Christmas dinner, friends! 🙂 Have fun!!!


Ombre Glitter Shoes

MATERIALS: old shoes, newspaper, modpodge, two shades of glitter, foam brush, plastic knife/spoon, paper plate. NOT PICTURED: tape OPTIONAL: coordinating ribbon, hot glue

PART 1: RAZZLE-DAZZLE! Start by taping off the soles of the shoes. I used scotch tape, but I would recommend painter's tape b/c the scotch tape did NOT come off easily, y'all 😦

Precautionary, but not necessary: stuff with newspaper to keep yourself from getting glitter in the shoe

Take the color that you want at the back of your shoe, and mix it with mod podge in a 50/50 ratio. I only needed a little bit of mod podge, like a small spoonful. Start with just a little bit of mod podge, and add more as you need it (a little goes a long way, though!)

The magic is beginning!!! If you do it this way, instead of applying glue and shaking the glitter on, you will leave a LOT less glitter trailing behind you. The glitter stays put wayy better this way (I found out the hard way)

Dab dab dab. Lay it on THICK or else you'll have bare patches, and it's a pain to do touch ups.

Razzledazzle phase 1

Mix in a little of the other color, so the color ratio is like 2 (color 1) : 1 (color 2). Dab that on and...

Razzledazzle phase 2. Mix in more and more of color 2 with the mod podge, dabbing it on in phases until your shoe is done!

Razzledazzle phase 3

Razzledazzle DONE! Notice how there is no glitter mess? Mixing it with the glue is so much cleaner/more efficient

After it's dry, peel off the tape from the soles (carefully!)

And that's it! You have a new pair of sparkle shoes! I really LOVE the ombre effect.

PART 2: EMBELLISHMENTS. Call me crazy, but even after covering my flats in not one, but TWO shades of GLITTER, I STILL thought they were too plain! So out comes the ribbon. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon, about 8 inches? Snip the edges

Crease them at the middle, and crease both ends at about 1.5 inches (?) I'm going to call them the "middle crease" and the "side crease"

Squeeze a *little* bit of hot glue over the middle crease. Bring one of the side creases over to meet the middle crease and pinch to glue (watch your fingers!) See how the snipped edge is peeking out? You want that...if it doesn't peek out, try to re-crease to ensure that it does

Repeat with the other side...

...and when you turn it over, it'll look like this!

Cut another piece of ribbon, about this big

Fold in half lengthwise, and glue one end to the middle of the back of the bow (where the folds are)

Wrap around...

...and glue in the back!

Cuties! Apply a liberal amount of hot glue to the backs of these and stick them onto your shoes!

and they're DONE! 😀

I've heard you can spray them with hairspray to further ensure that they don't leave a trail of glitter behind you. But make sure you stuff your shoes with newspaper, so you don't get hairspray inside your shoes!

The colors are a lot more saturated in person, but can you see the ombre?

Do a happy glitter dance and enjoy! 🙂

More sparkly feet here and here!

linky link!

Peplum Dress

I got this big shapeless dress for free! 🙂 So I knew I could experiment with it. I learned how to make darts, install an invisible zipper, and just generally bring in a dress in places that are too loose! So much fun…

PART 1: TOP. Ripped out those shoulder pads and waist ties!

Cut the dress at my natural waist

Then I made darts! MINI TUTORIAL: DARTS. Not sure how you’re supposed to make darts, but this is how I did it: measured my waist and divided in half (28/2=14). Measured the width of the top and figured the difference between it and my waist (20-14=6). Measured and marked at 1/4 and 3/4 of the width on the top (so I made marks at 5″ and 15″) then drew a dot directly 5 inches above each mark. Knowing the top had to be brought in 6″, each dart would have to be 3″ wide, so I measured 3″, centered it on the bottom mark, and marked each side. So I basically drew 2 equilateral triangles with 3″ bases, 5″ height. You probably don’t need to draw the sides, but I did because I was nervous 😛

I pinched each triangle in half, and sewed along the “side”

They looked like this! I did darts on the front and back of the top. 🙂 After this, I tried it on inside out, and brought in the sides, shoulders, and sleeves a little more to be more fitted.

WAISTBAND: Found some coordinating fabric

Measured it around my waist and cut it into a strip. Pinned and sewed it to the bottom of the top (right sides together)! 🙂 Top is DONE!

PART 2: SKIRT. I cut the skirt at the knee and cut the remaining fabric into equal sized strips (ish)

I sewed & cut the skirt into a box shape that was the width of my hips

DARTS front and back of skirt! 🙂

Hemmed the bottom and sewed the outer edges to give the skirt more of a pencil shape. The skirt’s done! All that’s left is the peplum!

MINI TUTORIAL: PEPLUM. ok, this is lame, but this is the exact same thing I did for my paper bag skirt. Those strips from the bottom of the skirt? I opened them up, and sewed them, right sides together, on each side and that long left edge. Then I flipped it inside out.

So it’s a looooong strip, and I just gathered it on that raw edge! You remember how to ruffle fabric, right? 😉

Oh peplum, I love you already

I pinned it to the top of my skirt (right side facing out)

Then pinned my top/waistband to it and sewed it all down! Basically, it’s a sandwich: skirt, peplum, and waistband, with the right sides facing in. You can’t see in the pic, but the top is pinned and sewn on upside down

PART 3: FINISHING TOUCHES. I opened up the back and installed an invisible zipper. (super confusing! I had to youtube it, but pleased with how it came out :)). I also tapered the bottom corners in just a but.

And now I have a new peplum dress! 😀 The BEST thing is that when I sit down, the peplum covers my belly! So this dress is cute/fitted AND I can eat in it! YAY!

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