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Random Side Projects

Stuff I’ve been making…

I have a thing for hippos. It’s my dream pet, but Arthur won’t let me have one. At least not in the apartment.
So I made a coin purse instead. I think it looks a lot like my niece, Abby! heehee!
and then I went crazy for coin purses! -__-
Isn’t it funny? πŸ™‚
Here’s his little brother
Doesn’t this remind you of when Peter found the coin for the temple in the fish’s mouth?
I needed a big bag for my trip to Paris a few weeks ago.
The best part of it are the crazy orange pom poms! I love pom poms!!
I’m also making hair flowers for a wedding coming up

That’s it!

Random thought: WordPress is crazy confusing to use! Is it just me? The formatting of the posts, especially with pictures, never turns out the way I want unless I center all the pictures 😦 WordPress, please make yourself more usable for dummies like me. Or find me a WordPress tutor.


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4 thoughts on “Random Side Projects

  1. i love that fish. i want one.

    and yes, i think wordpress is not that user friendly… 😦

  2. Wow, I love the animal coin purses! How do you make the mouth/opening?

    • Thank you so much! Your question makes me want to write a post about making a coin purse πŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon and be able to answer you!

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