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Blooms, Vines and sLeaves


Materials Needed: Kindle or something else you want to protect, two coordinating fabrics, two pieces of felt

Measure your kindle and write down your measurements. Cut 2 pieces of felt the same size as the kindle. Now write down the measurements with a 1/2 inch added on every side. With those measurements, cut 4 pieces: 2 of pattern one, 2 of pattern two. Finally, cut two more pieces, 1 in each pattern, that measure half the length of the bigger patterned pieces (these are to make a little pocket!)

You should have these 8 pieces!

So, let start with the pocket. Grab those two small pieces, stick them together right sides in. Sew the edge along the width.

Now open it up and fold down the crease. Top stitch that edge down and that's it!


Ok, now for the sleeve. Grab two of the big pieces, one of each pattern, and sew them together across their width.

Open it up like you did the pocket (so the right sides are out) and sandwich one of the felt pieces inside.

Now sew back over that same edge you just sewed to secure the felt and give the sleeve a pretty finished top edge. You now have one side of your sleeve. Repeat to make the other side!

Ok, now to put it all together! Lay down one side, layer the pocket on top...

...and layer the second side on top of that! Notice that the same pattern was facing the same way on both sides? Ok, so basically it is a sandwich of the two sides with the little pocket in the middle.

All the layers: Fabric 1, Felt, Fabric 2, Fabric 2 (pocket), Fabric 1 (pocket), Fabric 1, Felt, Fabric 2!

Sew the three unfinished edges shut (the opening of the sleeve will have those 2 pretty finished edges you did when you sewed the sleeves)

Oooh ok this is the best part! 🙂 Flip that baby inside out...

...and look! Pocket is right side out! Edges all smooth! HURRAH!

This is what the back looks like 🙂 How can this not make a person happy?

It's got two patterns going on, but if you know me AT ALL you would know that I needed to add a flower to it. So I did.


Kindle peekaboo

LOVE that it has a printed lining! Don't really love the unfinished seams. I'll try to get rid of those next time I do it, but for now: 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Blooms, Vines and sLeaves

  1. Hey Sara – this sounds exactly like you. From origami+hotmail in grade 7 to beanbag chairs+blogging now. Your projects look like fun.

    I’ve got paint under my fingernails right now from my attempt at becoming an artist this morning. We’re hosting a party for Nuit Blanche (http://www.scotiabanknuitblanche.ca/) and I’m putting together some art for decoration.

    I hope you’re well.


  2. This is sooooooo cute! I absolutely love the colors you chose.

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