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A Beanbag for Marthur, Yarthur, or Ourthur

Materials Needed: 7 cubic feet of beanbag beans (try to buy in bulk - otherwise it's expensive!)

...and about 5 yards of upholstery fabric. Ikea fabric ❤

Lay out your fabric and cut such that it's a perfect rectangle. I think my short edge measured about 50 inches, but I honestly don't remember. My beanbag is BIG though, so I think you could probably measure it to less than 50'. Do you see husband in the corner playing xbox?

Fold rectangle in half to make a square, right sides in.

Sew down the top edge and the side edge that is opposite of your folded edge. Sew with a zigzag stitch and reinforce with a straight stitch (keeps it from busting open!) Do you see the two stitches in the picture?

Ok, so you now have 1 edge that is open and unsewn, right? Mark the middle of that edge.

Refold the rectangle such that the point you just marked is no longer in the middle, but on the edge. Since you've sewn the top, your rectangle will now look like this!

Sew that edge shut, zig zag and then straight, but this time leave an opening about as big as your hand.

Grab the bean bag and flip it inside out through the hole! Now your right sides are out 🙂

Try to carefully open your bag of beans and carefully start filling your beanbag through that hole and realize your efforts are futile. Your floor should look like this.The beans get EVERYWHERE.

Fill your beanbag 1/3 through and be frustrated at the mess you're making. yargh!

Have a stroke of genius and use packing tape to attach a cardboard tube to the bag of beans and the fabric. Make sure everything is SEALED and your floor will be CLEAN! YES! When you're finally finished filling (alliteration!) the beanbag, sew up the hand hole.

HEEHEE. Arthur went from this position...

...to this position within seconds. I guess this means more crafting for me! 🙂 Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “A Beanbag for Marthur, Yarthur, or Ourthur

  1. Richard wants a bean bag too! Lollll can I pay youuuuu loool

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